Thursday, September 2, 2010

Different plans

People including myself always have a plan or a way that they would like their life to be. Unfortunatly it does not go the way we have planned. If my life would have gone the way I had planned I would have graduated from Coastal Carolina University as a Marine Biologist, get married and have a lot of kids. Instead I did not go to school right out of high school, I decided that partying and so called love was more important. Became pregnant with my son at the age of 19 two weeks shy of my 20th birthday, looked for love in all of the wrong places, started college, became pregnant with my daughter, was a single mother for 4 years, changed my major three times meet my husband had my other daughter, have an angel baby in heaven, got married and now getting ready to graduate from college with my bachelors in business with a specialty in health administration with honors. My life did not go as planned. It may have sucked caused a lot of heart ache but there was so much good tat came out of this. I may not understand why things do not go as planned but God does. God has a plan for me it may not be what I want at the moment but in time I will find out why things have gone the way they have. I have to remind myself daily of that I may cry and scream and ask why me but I have no control over the situation only God does. I am hoping to get an answer on why all of these recent events have happened. I am hoping to get good news soon. Benton and I really needs some good news in our life.

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