Monday, January 3, 2011


The last couple of months have been full of heartbreak and happiness. My husband lost his Grandfather that he was very close too on December 4. It was really hard on the family but we all know that he is not in pain anymore and he is up where he belongs. We also have been blessed with some very nice suprises. More about this in another blog.

Christmas was wonderful and simple just the way we like it. We made a point that every Christmas we will not go any where. We have told our family that if they would like to see us on Christmas day they will have to come to our house. We had a nice full house from 8:30-2:00pm. It was wonderful visiting with  family. It was also nice having the house to ourselfs by 2pm. We had a wonderful relaxing day and the kids had so much fun opening all of their gifts. We have a tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the tree. On Christmas day the kids will look for it and who ever finds it first gets a special gift. The kids love this tradition. Another tradition that we do with the kids is that we take them to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. It is so much fun listening to their ohhs and ahhs as they look at all of the beautiful lights. They always look forward to this and we do too.

All in all Christmas was great even though it wasn't the same with out Grandpa Mowery we all move forward and enjoy it. We live everyday to the fullest because we do not know when which day might be our last. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.