Sunday, September 26, 2010


I went to a new church today with a friend of mine. It was amazing. I enjoyed the Sunday school class and the sermon. During the sermon the priest talked about how important it is not to mumble. He said that if someone has a issue it is better to bring up that issue with the person rather then mumble about it. The issue can not get fixed if the person is not willing to talk about it.

The kids also had a great time at church. Ayla did great in the nursery. If you know Ayla she usually has problems being away from mommy and daddy. It is nice that she is finally socializing with children her own age. Mika and Hayden also had a great time. They want to go back next Sunday. I am looking forward to going back. It helps that the kids enjoy church. Going to church helps me be a stronger person not only in faith but in all aspects of my life.

On a more serious note. Hayden had a doctors appointment on Friday and the doctor is sending him to the cardiologist to have an ultrasound of his heart. We have always known that he has a heart murmur but in the past we were told it was innocent. The doctor is concerned because she can hear it very easily when he is standing and laying down. He also gets flushed easily and sweats a lot. She wants to have his anatomy of his heart looked at and then have him get an appointment with a pulminologist . I am praying that it all goes well and that his heart murmur is still innocent. I worry about my son and want him to be healthy. I know God will take care of him and us. This is out of our hands and we must leave it up to the Lord to make everything okay.

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