Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleeping In

After a rough day yesterday my wonderful husband let me sleep in. I wake up this morning/afternoon to hearing my little girl yelling Hayden and screaming. Screaming in a happy sense. I guess squealing would be a better word. My children are all happy well fed and playing nicely. Mika is happily playing with her doll house in her room and Hayden is in the living room playing with Ayla. Even though Ayla still is not dressed and the living room is a complete disaster it is okay. It is okay that my house is not perfect. The world is not going to end because everything is not in its place and perfect. My children are happy no matter what. Just spending time with them, talking to them and letting them know I love them is all that matters. They will not remember or care if things are not just right or spic-n-span what they will look back on are the moments that daddy and I told them we loved them and spent quality fun time with them.

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